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Zaveri Associates Inc. understands that it deals with a lot of sensitive personal and financial information in the course of preparing tax returns and performing audits. We respect our client’s privacy and it is our constant endeavor to ensure that your personal and financial information stays private and secure. Due to recent changes in privacy laws, we are required to inform you about our privacy policy so that you can get a better understanding of how we treat your private information, how it is kept secure, under what circumstances we are required to disclose, and to whom it is disclosed.


What type of information do we collect and how do we collect it?

Since preparing tax returns requires us to collect certain personal (date of birth, social security number etc.) and financial information (salary, wages, etc.) we collect such information either from you or from a source authorized by you. This information is collected through various means such as telephone, email, internal forms and questionnaires or through face to face interview.


Our firm has strict policy and procedural guidelines that require our employees and third parties to restrict unauthorized access to your private personal and financial information. They are required to follow and enforce strict code of conduct rules and non-disclosure agreements. We also maintain adequate physical and electronic safeguards to guard your information from unauthorized access.


Circumstances under which we are required to disclose your information and to whom it is disclose :

Even though we do not disclose our client’s information to any third party there are circumstances where we are required to disclose such information. Here are some of the circumstances:

1).   To comply with a court order, subpoena or summons.

2).   To respond to an inquiry from state or national licensing board or organization.

3).   As a part of any legal proceedings either initiated by us or filed against us. However utmost precaution is take to disclose only such information that is required as a part of such legal proceeding.

4).   As a part of our relationship with affiliated and non-affiliated third parties with whom we work in conjunction to provide services to you. However we have a contractual agreement with such third parties to prohibit them from using such information for purposes other than for which we have contracted for.

5).   As a part of a potential sale, purchase or merger of all or part of our practice. In this case also we have a contractual agreement with such third parties to prohibit them from using such information for purposes of such sale, purchase or merger.


Please note that the circumstances mentioned above is not an all inclusive list and that there may be other circumstances above and beyond our control that may require us to disclose your personal and financial information.

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